Analyze Facial Expressions in Images

analyze facial expressions in images

This app allows you to analyze facial expressions in your pictures, and download detailed reports in CSV, JSON files and a dashboard in PDF format.

Once you select an image, you’ll instantly view the results. Picking an image from your device for our Emotion AI analysis is incredibly intuitive, whether you’re analyzing the entire image or just a portion. The program will meticulously assess the main face in the image, providing you with accurate insights. Importantly, our system ensures that no data is sent to outside servers. All your images and associated data remain exclusively within your device’s temporary local memory, ensuring complete protection of your privacy and safety.

With this tool you will be able to detect:

  • Arousal
  • Valence
  • 98 affects (Russel, Sherer, Klaus model)
  • 38 affects (Paltoglou and Thelwall model)
  • quadrants (Russel, Sherer, Klaus model)
  • 6 emotions (Ekman model)
  • Attention
  • Positivity
  • Number of faces


Dive deep into the intricate world of emotions with the MorphCast platform. Our innovative solution allows you to analyze facial cues in your images, providing you with unparalleled depth in emotional insights. In a few simple actions, select an image from your device, and our Emotion AI will meticulously assess the main face, offering comprehensive feedback. We prioritize your privacy and safety – ensuring that your data remains secure and is never shared with external entities.

Leverage our platform to tap into a broad spectrum of emotional indicators, such as arousal, valence, 98 affects as per the Russel, Sherer, Klaus framework, 38 affects according to the Paltoglou and Thelwall approach, quadrant evaluations by the Russel, Sherer, Klaus methodology, 6 emotions from Ekman’s perspective, focus, positivity, and even face count detection. Opt to download detailed reports in CSV and JSON, or explore an in-depth PDF dashboard for deeper insights into your images.

Embark on a modern journey of emotion exploration and begin a transformative path to self-awareness with MorphCast.

Privacy Policy

All settings and the license key are saved in the localstorage of your browser.

The video you choose from your device will undergo local analysis, and both the video and output data will remain on your device without being uploaded to any server, ensuring privacy and security throughout the process.

Check the Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy for further information.

Getting Started

  1. Get your license key now to unlock the app here.
  2. Go to the app and insert the licence key obtained.

Note that you can use the same license key to unlock all apps.